Laura Chard

Invented Traces of Constructed History Collected and Relocated

Laura Raesmaa's work examines how memories change when they are removed, registered and categorised. Her images depict spaces/places where collected traces of history or memory have been relocated. The work asks what happens on the journey where a trace is transformed from something personal into something classifiable - a question which poses a challenge to the traditionally perceived roles of the author of the work, the work itself, and the spectator. Whenever an imprint of an origin has been pinned down or boxed away a displacement of history takes place. Laura's work disputes the ownership of these imprints; do they belong to the image, the author, or the spectator?

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We suggest that the first meeting
always be held in a public place
and that you do not reveal
your real name
until you feel comfortable doing so.



Worldwide is a fictional 'company' which was set up by a group of students in order to comment on international advertising.

The specific targetting of isolated sites aims to parody a global advertising campaign and set up a contradiction between the global and the local. This work exposes the sources of mediatisation, or mediatisation itself, by examining the medium itself through a negation of the advertisers coded message.

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Authored by Mark Roberts, October 1998. Updated 3/7/99